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                          KILL SWITCH $28.50

                      ANYONE CAN INSTALL  


The kill switches have been 100% proven effective against auto theft.

This a kill switch kit for ford cars and trucks years 1983-2004 with a 3.8L,4.6L,5.0L,5.4L ( except diesel engine ) .

This kill switch is easy to install, 2 wire hookup. No matter how the thieves try to hot wire the car or truck they will not get it started, even if they bypass the factory alarm.  Even if they have your keys they will not be able to start it . 

Here are some of the models that this will work on, all Mustang (cobra) , Thunder bird, Crown Vic, Explorer, Ranger, Expedition, Lightning, S10,F150,F250,F350.

This kit includes, 1 kill switch, 12 feet of wire, 10 min installation instructions, and of course help via email if needed . The kill switch can be mounted anywhere in the front seat area, under the dash, under the seat, wherever you think is a good hiding place.

The switch itself is 1/2 inch long and 1/4 inch wide, so you can hide it easy. You only have to drill a 3/16 hole to mount the kill switch (if desired). This kill switch can lower you insurance rates depending on the insurance co. If you have any questions we will be happy to answer them.

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Wire color may vary.